2020 NCTM Research Events and Research Conference

NCTM Research Symposium

NCTM Research Symposium
Reflection, Impact, and Opportunity
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The NCTM Research Symposium has been canceled. For more information please visit NCTM Events and COVID-19 page.

The Research Symposium will include these features:

  • A series of RIO Talks (Reflection, Impact, and Opportunity) to recognize, celebrate, and challenge the mathematics education research community. RIO Talks are NCTM’s version of other short, thoughtful, inspiring talks and will be coupled with brief networking breaks for community discussion.
  • Roundtable paper sessions will be organized to increase the opportunities for connection, dialogue, and learning from others.
  • Poster presentations will also be grouped to encourage connections and dialogue around shared interests.
  • The mathematics education research community is a significant part of NCTM and our centennial celebration.

NCTM 2020 Research Conference

NCTM 2020 Research Conference
St. Louis
October 19-21

The Research Committee is working on a re-energized 2020 NCTM Research Conference. The Research Conference is moving to the fall with the Annual Meeting.

Calls for the 2020 Research Conference will be available this winter.