2020 NCTM Research Events and Research Conference

Math Education Research Celebration

Math Education Research Celebration:
Recognition, Inspiration, and Collaboration
April 1, 2020

2020 marks a range of milestones for the mathematics education research community, including 50 years by the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education and 70 years for the National Science Foundation. This one-day event will include —

  • Presentations to recognize and inspire the community, engage in and support collaboration, and cultivate opportunities for greater impact;
  • Round table paper sessions to share your ideas, learn from others, and create something new, and;
  • Celebration! The mathematics education research community is a significant part of NCTM and of our celebration of 100 Years.

Calls for themes, presentations, papers, and celebration ideas will begin soon.

NCTM 2020 Research Conference

NCTM 2020 Research Conference
St. Louis
October 19-21

The Research Committee is working on a re-energized 2020 NCTM Research Conference. The Research Conference is moving to the fall with the Annual Meeting.

Calls for the 2020 Research Conference will be available this winter.