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    A Fast and Easy Tool to Digitally Assign Math Practice Content to Your Students

    Problems to Ponder is a popular monthly series of 28 varying, classroom-ready mathematics problems—designed for PK–grade 12 and available with membership through the Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12 journal.

    Now with just a few clicks, you can digitally assign Problems to Ponder to your entire classroom using ASSISTments, a forever-free online math platform that makes it easy for teachers to assign engaging problems online and assess student progress. 

    Use this resource as you see fit to best meet the unique needs of your students!

    Problems to Ponder Integration with Google Classroom™, Schoology, Canvas, and more!

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    Here’s how it works:  

    • Sign in to your NCTM account.
    • Go to “Publications” and click on Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK–12.
    • Tap “sign in” to ensure you are logged in to your journal account.
    • Look for the “Problems to Ponder” set in each issue and click on “Assign.”
    • Now you can use ASSISTments to assign problems!

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      Check out this brief tutorial on how to assign problems with  Google Classroom  and  Canvas. You can get even more support by visiting the ASSISTments user resources

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