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  • The dissemination of research-informed mathematics education ideas and an active engagement in advocacy are both part of NCTM's strategic framework. Learn more about NCTM's efforts with mathematics education advocacy in the field.


    Every Student Succeeds Act - ESSA Toolkit

    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is the education law that is replacing No Child Left Behind and restructuring how and where federal money for education is allocated. Learn how you can take action on state plans for spending ESSA funds.

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    Get basic tools to act on behalf of teachers on issues that affect you, your students, our schools, and mathematics education.

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    Advocacy in the Field

    NCTM constantly monitors legislative and policy developments in Washington with the assistance of Washington Partners LLC.

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    Policies and Recommendations

    Review the NCTM Legislative platform and read comments on legislation or issues of importance to mathematics education in testimony or letters to Congress, elected officials, or other governmental or nongovernmental entities.

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