• Affiliates are independent organizations that play a specialized role at the grassroots level and have goals that align with the mission of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Most Affiliates are organized by geographic region, although some Affiliates-at-Large are organized around a specific topic in mathematics education.

    Partnership with NCTM enables Affiliates to more effectively:

    Build powerful relationships
    within their communities

    Strengthen relationships with teachers, school leaders, parents, legislators, business,
    media, and others

    Collaborate and use the strengths of each organization to better advance mathematics education

    Adding membership in an Affiliate is a great complement to your NCTM membership because it allows you to better connect with mathematics educators and resources in your immediate area, while still ensuring you have access to the innovative resources and research available through NCTM's network of educators.

    Browse the Affiliate directory to find an Affiliate in your region or specific mathematics topic area.

    NCTM Affiliates are independent organizations, so membership in one does not automatically mean membership in NCTM. Learn more about the benefits and types of membership available with NCTM.

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