Starting a Student Affiliate

  • Do you aspire to be a math teacher? Are you interested in networking with other math education students at your university? If so, start a Student Affiliate!

    Create a representative structure for future math educators and build a professional community on campus. Engage with preservice teachers across all grade levels and help develop future teachers and leaders in mathematics education.

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      Benefits to NCTM Student Affiliates

      • Active student members are entitled to a FREE NCTM e-membership*
      • Linked with the world’s largest mathematics teachers organization and its 200+ Affiliates around the world
      • Linked with other student groups across the country
      • Representation at the Delegate Assembly that convenes at the NCTM Annual Meeting and Exposition each year
      • Opportunity to attend NCTM Affiliate Leaders Conferences
      • Regular communication from NCTM’s Affiliate Relations and the Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (MARC)  
      • Active student members of NCTM Student Affiliates will receive complementary NCTM Student e-membership
      • The faculty advisor will receive a complementary registration to one NCTM Regional Conference and Exposition annually 
      • The faculty advisor will receive a letter of recognition for his/her services.

      *FREE NCTM E-Membership Benefit to NCTM Student Affiliates  
      The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) is proud to provide free NCTM student e-memberships to all active student members of an NCTM Student Affiliate. The NCTM student e-membership, a $49 value, includes: 

      • Access to the digital edition of our award-winning school journals and the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME)   
      • Free admission to the NCTM Regional Conferences and Expositions,
      •  Discount registration to the annual meeting,
      • Discounts on professional development publications and opportunities, and
      • Access to tips, online tools,Problems of the Week, Illuminations, MyNCTM, class room-ready activities, resources, and more.

      The faculty advisor of each NCTM Student Affiliate is contacted by NCTM Affiliate Relations annually. NCTM provides a specific spreadsheet that the faculty advisor is asked to complete and submit to NCTM with a list of its NCTM Student Affiliate's active student members eligible to receive the free NCTM student e-memberships. 



      Tips for Forming and Sustaining an Affiliate 


      • Identify and approach conscientious students to initiate a core group (dedicated and consistent effort is a must)
      • Determine the role and degree of involvement/leadership of the faculty advisors (responsibilities must be clearly understood by all)
      • Have more than one advisor so that one person does not feel overwhelmed
      • Try to secure support from your department or college (if sponsors are faculty at an institution of higher education) so that you have some resources to sustain you in the first couple of years 
      • Request a Student Affiliation Application packet.


      • Create a series of meetings that enrich professional development in unique ways (meetings that repeat what occurs in classes may be seen as less valuable)
      • Seek support from local and state Affiliates to offer possible incentives (such as free or reduced registration fees at their meetings or one-year gift memberships upon graduation to welcome them to the profession)  
      • Have pizza or sandwiches at meetings, or even a cookout at the advisor’s home
      • Plan fundraising activities that are interesting to participants
      • Involve local businesses that might benefit from having future employees who are good mathematical thinkers.


      • Promote the tangible benefits of membership (members will realize the intangibles as they progress in their professional development)
      • Remember that it is a student organization; so let the students run the program
      • It helps if the nucleus of the group is not all seniors (graduation means that the group turnover rate will be high each year)
      • Elect officers for the next academic year halfway through the current year; for example, elect the 2018-2019 officers in December 2017 so that they can begin to integrate themselves into leadership roles before they actually have to take sole responsibility
      • Strongly urge membership for anyone in mathematics methods courses
      • Have students take responsibility for maintaining the In Good Standing status with NCTM

      For information on Affiliates in general or to request an affiliation application packet, call (703) 620-9840, ext. 2104, or email [email protected]

      Affiliation with NCTM  

      What Happens after an Application Is Submitted?  

      • Applications for affiliation are reviewed by NCTM's Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (MARC) at its summer meeting, usually in June, and at its fall meeting, usually in November. 
      • When a group successfully completes the application process, MARC will send a recommendation for affiliation to the NCTM Board of Directors.
      • Approval for affiliation is granted by the NCTM Board of Directors. The NCTM Board meets in July, October, and February.
      • After approval of affiliation by the NCTM Board of Directors, the new Affiliate becomes eligible for all specified Affiliate services and also accepts the responsibilities of being a partner with NCTM.”
      • A charter will be presented to a new Affiliate at the next Delegate Assembly after approval of affiliation. The Delegate Assembly is convened annually in conjunction with NCTM's Annual Meeting and Exposition.

      For information on Affiliates in general or to request an affiliation application packet, call (703) 620-9840, ext. 2104, or email [email protected].