Resources for Affiliate Editors

  • Here you will find a number of resources designed for the use of our Affiliate editors. Please feel free to print or use any of these resources.

    • Use resources in the Affiliate Toolkit to help to promote NCTM membership, publications, and upcoming events.

    • Request other Affiliate editors’ contact information and share your publication. Contact [email protected] to request a set of mailing labels or an electronic spreadsheet with mailing information.

    • Blanket permission is granted to Affiliates for “free preview” articles from NCTM's TCM, MTMS, MT, and JRME. Affiliates should use the following reprint language when publishing the content. Requests for additional articles should continue to be submitted to [email protected].

      Reprint language: "Reprinted with permission from (enter name of article, etc.), copyright (enter date of article), by the National Council of the Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). All rights reserved."

    • Excluding "free preview" articles, request permission to reprint an NCTM journal article or an excerpt from an NCTM publication by emailing [email protected].

    • Articles from NCTM President's Messages can be reprinted without permission as long as the original source is clearly cited.

    • The NCTM logo is trademarked, and its use is restricted to use approved by NCTM. Using the NCTM organization logo without first receiving written permission may result in legal action. Due to trademark restrictions, we must ask that Affiliates refrain from placing the NCTM logo in or on their publications or on their websites. The logos below were created specifically for NCTM’s Affiliates and may be used in certain settings if pre-approved. Contact [email protected] for more information on the use of these logos.

      NCTM Affiliate Logo 2   NCTM Affiliate Logo     

    • Connect with other editors of Affiliate journals and newsletters on the editors’ listserv. Contact NCTM Affiliate Services at [email protected] or call (703) 620-9840, extension 2104.