Affiliate Services Website Linking Request Form

  • Affiliate's Rights and Responsibilities: The Affiliate may request an official NCTM Trademark logo to use both to identify itself as an Affiliate and to link to the NCTM website. The Affiliate will not modify, in any way, logos provided to the Affiliate by NCTM. The Affiliate cannot copy text, artwork, or other media from the NCTM website to use on the Affiliate site, without acquiring prior permission from our Permissions Editor and Electronic Communications Coordinator. The Affiliate cannot participate in, or encourage, the unauthorized use of copyrighted text, artwork, or other media from the NCTM website.

    NCTM's Rights and Responsibilities: NCTM will review all sites prior to establishing a hyperlink. Approval is at the discretion of NCTM and submission of this application does not guarantee approval. NCTM has the right to relocate the hyperlink as appropriate to the NCTM website's overall design. NCTM may remove the hyperlink for reasons of appropriateness and content. 

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    * On behalf of the Affiliate, I agree to the terms listed above and request a hyperlink to be placed on the NCTM website pointing to my Affiliate's website.