Criteria for Becoming an NCTM Affiliate

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    Organizations that are granted affiliation with NCTM must meet the following criteria:

    1. Purpose/mission that is aligned with the mission and goals of NCTM.  
    2. Membership base of at least 75 members (10 for Student Affiliates).   
    3. Plans for Affiliate and NCTM membership development.  
    4. Sponsorship by a state-level mathematics organization. (See Sponsorship Tab above) A new Affiliate-at-Large may prefer to have a Partner Affiliate-at-Large serve as its sponsor.  
    5. Commitment to maintain year-round access to the Internet and e-mail for the president and NCTM representative.  
    6. An active commitment to a community service project, such as tutoring (Student Affiliates only).
    7. A set of governing rules that meets the following conditions: 

      • Organization name reflecting geographic location, if appropriate  
      • A clearly stated purpose/mission  
      • Nonrestrictive membership clause providing for the involvement of all persons interested in the purposes of the organization and mathematics education (See Non-Restrictive Membership Tab above)  
      • The continuity (i.e., staggered terms of office) of elected and appointed leaders to ensure stability of the organization  
      • An NCTM representative who serves as the primary link between NCTM and the Affiliate. This position must be held by a current individual member of NCTM  
      • The president of the organization is a current individual member of NCTM  
      • The faculty advisor of a Student Affiliate is a current individual member of NCTM  
      • A dissolution clause that clearly addresses excess funds in the event of dissolution of the organization.                                                                              

    Request Affiliate Application Packet, if your organization wants to become an NCTM Affiliate.


    State and Province-level Partner Affiliates are being asked to move into sponsorship roles to provide guidance and support to new Associate and Student Affiliates in their state. Affiliate sponsors are expected to encourage Affiliates to work collaboratively in their state, province, or within their area to provide statewide/province-wide mathematics education leadership. Organizations applying for affiliation will need to have their state- or province-level Affiliate agree to sponsor them before their application is reviewed. Affiliates-at-Large (non-region groups that are organized around a specific topic in mathematics education) may want to have a sponsor with similar interests, make-up, or location. Sponsorship implies no financial obligation but does imply a mentoring or advisory role as needed

    Non-Restrictive Membership  

    No Affiliate may require membership in another organization as a prerequisite for membership in the Affiliate, and no Affiliate may deny membership to individuals on the basis of race, sex, creed, or national origin. In exceptional circumstances, an Affiliate may be accepted whose membership is restricted by factors other than those listed.