Affiliate Resources

  • These resources offer and explain the services and benefits that are available to NCTM Affiliates.

    Affiliate Relations Guide  
    Information about services, benefits, and maintaining affiliation with NCTM and its Affiliate partnership.

    Affiliate Profile Request
    View the information we have on file for your Affiliate.

    Affiliate Grant Funding Opportunities  
    The Mathematics Education Trust (MET) offers grants exclusively for NCTM Partner, Associate, and Student Affiliates.

    Outreach and Engagement Award
    Apply to have NCTM recognize the outstanding work in producing excellent outreach and engagement opportunities.

    Resources for Affiliate Editors  
    Includes an array of information and tools for editors. 

    Legal and Tax Issues
    Questions and answers prepared regarding some legal aspects of Affiliate management.

    Affiliate Toolkit 
    Banners, ads, flyers to help promote NCTM upcoming events.