Affiliate Annual Report Form

  • The annual report form is to be completed together by the Affiliate's president and NCTM representative annually. This form may also be downloaded as a PDF

    * Indicates required fields.

    Has your Affiliate revised its Constitution since your last annual report?

    If yes, please see 6d below.

    Does your Affiliate have a mission statement?


    If yes, does your board review it periodically?


    Does your Affiliate have its own 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status?


    Does your Affiliate have a Web site?


    If yes, and the NCTM Web site is not currently linked to your Affiliates Web site, please see the Web Site Link Request Form.

    The following questions are meant to give you and your board a more formal opportunity to reflect on the work of your Affiliate during the past year. The information you provide will also help guide the Affiliate Services Committee (ASC) and NCTM Affiliate Services staff in identifying their priorities.

    1. What were your Affiliate's most outstanding accomplishments this year?


    2. What are your Affiliate's greatest strengths in pursuing its mission and goals?


    3. What are your Affiliate's greatest challenges in pursuing its mission and goals?


    4. Please list any political advocacy activities in which your Affiliate was involved during the past year.


    5. (For Student Affiliates only) Please describe and report on your community service projects for the past year and any plans you have for the coming year. Include how the projects promote the goals of your organization and further the mission of NCTM.


    6. Required Information:

    *6a. A listing of your Affiliate's meetings and activities for the past year:


    *6b. A listing of your current Affiliate Officers using this form. The filing of current officer information with NCTM is one of the criteria for In Good Standing Status. Also you have been or will be contacted for new officer information at the beginning of the month in which your Affiliate Officers' terms expire.


    *6c. A listing of any Events (including board meetings) that are scheduled for the coming year. Include dates, location, and a brief description of the activities. Note: Any upcoming conferences should also be submitted using the online Affiliate Conference Announcement Submission Form. All submitted Affiliate conference information is posted with information on other conferences on the NCTM Web site.


    *6d. The Affiliate's Constitution, if it has been revised. If possible, please highlight the revisions.