Designing Innovative Lessons and Activities

  • The Designing Innovative Lessons and Activities for Mathematics Teaching Grant is sponsored by the Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation. This grant supports the research-and-writing of mathematics materials for grades K-8. The featured projects are developed by educators in the community and have been piloted and revised in various contexts across the nation, aiming to provide students with rich and relevant mathematical experiences.

    Math in Action

    Career Oriented Three-Act Task Kits for Grades 2-6

    Updated Math in Action 

    Corrine T. Day, Montana State University Billings
    Joshua Monson, Billings Public Schools
    Carly Swain, Billings Public Schools
    Julie McNeil, Billings Public Schools
    Angel Zickefoose, Billings Public Schools

    Complex Instruction

    Tools to Enact Complex Instruction for Grades K-8

    Image Complex Instruction 

    Maggie M. Hackett, Sunnyside USD
    Crystal Picazo, Sunnyside USD
    Sue Strautman, Sunnyside USD
    Jennifer Valentine, Sunnyside USD
    Ginny Wheeler, Sunnyside USD
    Marcy B. Wood, University of Arizona