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  • Why Teach Mathematics?
    As a teacher of mathematics, you have no doubt had multiple students ask what is actually a very complicated question “Why do I have to learn this?” At one time or another, perhaps while grinding through a series of
    Mathematics Learning: A Journey, Not a Sprint
    One of the questions I am frequently asked goes something like this “What do you think about acceleration?” The question is often asked in the context of teachers working with parents who want their child to skip grade level
    NCTM Journals — History and Future

    For almost 100 years, NCTM has been a public voice of mathematics education and has provided its members with quality content in its published journals. In view of the technological advances in scholarly communication and the significant shift from print to digital publication of content, NCTM has been assessing the form and delivery of the rich, valuable content of its journals. 

    NCTM and The Math Forum
    In 2015 the NCTM Board of Directors decided to acquire The Math Forum after it was approached by Math Forum staff and informed that its relationship with Drexel University would be severed. The Board recognized the
    Which Varies in Your School: Instructional Time or Student Learning?
    The most frequent questions I receive concern instructional time: How much time should we have for math class at the elementary level? Middle level? High school? What does the research say about time?