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  • Blog: Visits with District Leaders
    Over the past 9 months, I’ve had the privilege of meeting with mathematics leaders from some of the largest districts in the Washington, D.C. Baltimore Chicago and Seattle areas. I am grateful for the time they spent
    Learning Mathematics

    June 2023
    During the past few months, social media has experienced a growing debate on how to best teach mathematics. I believe the answer is based largely on how one defines mathematics, which we examined last month.

    What is Mathematics?
    May 2023
    What is Mathematics? May 2023 In Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics Initiating Critical Conversations, NCTM encouraged us to consider the purposes of school mathematics. NCTM argues that “each and every student should learn the Essential
    Whose Students?

    April 2023
    As I have met and interacted with mathematics educators during these past few months, I am constantly reminded and encouraged by their passion and dedication to meeting the needs of all students.

    Blog: My Visit to Capitol Hill

    March 27, 2023
    This is the first of what will be periodic posts to update members and non-members on NCTM work and initiatives.