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  • Making Homework Relevant

    February 2024
    Recently, on social media, a mathematics educator was justifiably lamenting the fact that her child was assigned a worksheet with over 60 problems of the same type that were due the next day. Educators frequently complain about how infrequently students complete their homework or that caregivers do their students’ homework. 

    Everyone Belongs in Mathematics

    January 2024
    I often dread taking a taxi or rideshare from the airport to the hotel when I travel because I know that the driver will ask me about my occupation. After I share that I’m a mathematics educator, for the rest of my ride, the driver typically shares their “hate” of math and their feeling of being unsuccessful in that subject.

    Blog: Accessibility and Inclusion

    December 2023
    Since the return of in-person conferences, NCTM has been actively focused on making our events more accessible and inclusive. We appreciate those who have taken the time to share their observations, concerns, and ideas on how we can continue to improve and address the specific needs of all attendees. 

    Balancing Instructional Strategies in the Math Classroom

    December 2023
    When you read inquiry based instruction or direct explicit instruction, what feelings come to mind? Are they positive? Negative? Neutral? It often feels like an “either or” debate, doesn’t it? Many educators like yourself feel caught in

    Math and Artificial Intelligence

    November 2023
    “What math should be taught now that ChatGPT will solve equations?” This was the question recently posed to me by the news media. Multiple times a week, there are blog posts and articles about how artificial intelligence (AI) is, should be, or shouldn’t be changing the world of education.