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    “There are many uncertainties right now. We are continuing to collaborate and listen to teachers. At the heart of their concerns are how they can best do their job of continuing to engage students in learning meaningful mathematics in this new environment.”

    -Trena Wilkerson, NCTM President

    Back to school is different this year. The challenge, and opportunity, for each teacher to make a positive difference for each and every one of their students has never been as needed. NCTM is proud to be working alongside dedicated mathematics educators during these unprecedented times.     

    Over the next six weeks, targeted grab and go resources from our NCTM community will work to support us in key areas and will help us to stay more connected as we share our questions and ideas through MyNCTM, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtag #NCTMBacktoSchool. Join us as we work, share, question, grow and thrive together in this endeavor!