One-Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100

  • One-Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100

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    By G. Patrick Vennebush

    One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 now includes a FREE reproducible student workbook! Author G. Patrick Vennebush has produced a set of individual worksheets along with a student introduction, space for work, and hints to persevere for all 100 problems in the book. Solutions are also included. This workbook is perfect for individual learning or whole-class instruction.

    The problems in One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 celebrate the "Goldilocks" charm of 100-a number not too small, not too large, but just righAvailable t to challenge students without intimidating them. It's used in myriad ways within the problems: as an exponent, product, area, or perimeter; a constant in an equation; the number of items in a series or sequence; or as a physical value, such as a stack of 100 coins, a deck with 100 cards, or a jug that holds 100 ounces.

    One Hundred Problems Involving the Number 100 is not just a list of problems.

    • The problems are designed to promote classroom discourse, allow students to think deeply about mathematical concepts, and learn problem-solving strategies, as well as to make connections between different topics in mathematics.
    • The purpose of the problems is to promote a variety of problem-solving strategies.
    • A range of mathematical topics from patterns, conversions, and sums and series to number theory, functions, probability and statistics, and geometry are covered.
    • The problems are aligned to Common Core State Standards for content and math practices. The chart in Part 3 lets teachers find problems at an appropriate level of difficulty for their students.
    • For each problem, there is a description of how the problem might be used in the classroom, suggestions for how to provide assistance to students without divulging the answer or even exposing a solution strategy, and possible extensions.

    You'll find both practical information and inspiration in these pages as well as a treasure trove of meaningful mathematical tasks to engage and excite your students.

    Watch Vennebush's webinar Celebrating 100 Years with 100 Problems Involving 100 that celebrates NCTM's Centennial with 100 problems involving the number 100 that discusses some deep mathematics, talk about problem posing, and maybe even generates a few new problems

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