Past Recordings

Pillars and Practices: A Framework to Catalyze Change at the Margins (Open to All)

Presented by: Nolan Fossum,

Imagine the mathematics classroom where every learner is successful. In this space, every student has access to the joy, wonder, and beauty of mathematics. Attention to each student’s mathematical identity and agency are primary. I believe that the work of ensuring this is the classroom environment we build for every child begins with a change in the teacher’s mindset and actions. Join me as I share my journey designing and planning around the Pillars and Practices framework. I’ll share examples of classroom tasks, student work samples, and how I’m learning to honor students’ brilliance in my ungraded classroom.

March MATHness For Your Classroom

Presented by: Tim Chartier,

Every year, it is madness—March Madness, actually! Every March, millions of people make brackets with their predictions for the NCAA Division 1 men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. Dr. Tim Chartier, the Distinguished Visiting Professor at the National Museum of Mathematics, is an internationally known expert in bracketology. He has taught the math of March Madness bracket-making to teachers and students across the nation. During this event, you’ll learn how to engage your students in math decisions with a low floor and high ceiling —from math modeling to computer programming. Come and learn how mathematics can help tame the madness.

Classroom Conversations: Exploring Possible Combinations (Open to All)

Presented by: Desiree Harrison,

This session will focus on exploring possible combinations in the elementary classroom by reviewing key recommendations from the Catalyzing Change series. Specifically, this session will focus on how elementary school teachers can use an NCTM classroom resource focusing on possible outcomes to generate student discourse and sense making.

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