NCTM District Solutions

What are the benefits of NCTM product bundles?

NCTM product bundles have been created to help schools and districts guide their teachers to the best teaching and learning solutions for students. Bundles make it easier for schools and districts to purchase these items for a large quantity of teachers. Each bundle aligns with ESSER funding guidelines and is augmented with essential membership access which includes one-year of digital access to all NCTM online professional development and classroom resources. 

What is ESSER?

The U.S. Congress has allocated $190 billon in funding for schools through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. There is a significant portion of these funds that have designated for addressing and responding to the impacts on student learning influenced by COVID. Any activity supported by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act can use ESSER funds, including:

  • Assessment and Engagement
  • Instructional Materials
  • Professional Development

States are responsible for dispersing funds to schools.  Please review your state’s plan for processes and timelines.  

Do all of the bundles have print and digital versions?

No. Print and digital configurations vary by bundle. Please refer to the item for the configuration of packages.

What’s included in the bundle packages?

NCTM District Solution bundles feature select publications from NCTM’s library. These publications serve as the foundation of a well-designed mathematics teaching and learning curriculum.  Bundles reflect discounted prices for NCTM products and include one year of access to NCTM essential membership benefits including all NCTM professional development webinars and classroom resources.

Do ESSER bundles include NCTM membership?

ESSER product bundles include one year of access to essential membership benefits through NCTM. These benefits provide teachers with the opportunity to access NCTM website content including online webinars and classroom resources at their own pace.

What if I have fewer than 10 teachers?

 NCTM product bundles are only available for group purchases of 10 or more individuals.

Do all the bundles contain the same materials?

No. Products vary by bundle; however, all bundles include one year of access to NCTM Essential membership benefits including all online NCTM professional development webinars and classroom resources,

Can I modify the bundle contents?

The bundles are sold as shown; however, if you are a school or district interested in different configurations, please contact [email protected] for a personalized quote of the resources you are looking to purchase.

Is onsite professional development included with the bundles?

No. Onsite professional development is not included in the bundle; however, NCTM does offer meticulously designed workshops on a number of topics that we can deliver online or bring to your district.

What if I have an NCTM membership?

NCTM ESSER bundles are purchased by schools and districts for individual teachers. They are not transferrable. If your teachers have an existing membership, they can purchase books for a discount at their individual membership level. If a teacher has an existing membership- their access to membership resources will be extended by a year if a bundle is purchased for them.