Past Recordings

Infusing Social Emotional Learning and Math Practices in Our Daily Teaching

Presented by: Jennifer Bay-Williams, Ruthmae Sears, James C. Willingham, Amanda Cullen,

Every day, students benefit from self-reflection, social interactions, and math reasoning. With little time to plan, teachers can feel overwhelmed trying to work in social emotional learning (SEL) competencies and the Standards for Mathematical Practice (SMP) while attending to content. In this webinar, we offer suggestions and tools for attending to SEL and SMP in powerful, yet manageable ways. Join us and bring an upcoming task that you would like to enhance.

Creating School-Wide Cultures of Mathematical Sense Making (Open to All)

Presented by: Dee Crescitelli, Funda Gonulates,

What can teachers and school leaders do together to build school-wide cultures that clearly emphasize that math is meant to make sense? Join this session to learn more about the kind of work the authors did in schools to create these kinds of learning spaces. We will share details about the creation of this initiative and how we engaged teachers in classroom-based professional learning.

Using an Asset Lens for a District-Wide Assessment (Open to All)

Presented by: Erica Heinzman, Patrick Callahan, Alexandra Martinez,

As part of a modernized vision for mathematics in the San Diego Unified School District, we designed an asset-based assessment that provided opportunities to celebrate students’ voice and agency and showcase their creativity, rather than focus on “gaps” and deficit thinking. We will share how this approach has influenced the district’s initiative to build a modern and inclusive vision of mathematics for every student.

MTLT Journal Club Meeting

Presented by:

Join us for the MTLT Journal Club’s January 3rd meeting, from 7:00–8:00 p.m. Eastern. Join From the Archives department editor, Wendy Cleaves to discusses the legacy article by Lisa A. Brooks and Juli K. Dixon, "Changing the Rules to Increase Discourse," from the September 2013 issue of Teaching Children Mathematics (Vol. 20, Iss. 2). NCTM members and nonmembers are welcome. Registration is required.

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