Past Recordings

Being Bold: San Francisco’s Detracking Story as a Path to Equity (Open to All)

Presented by: Angela Torres, Lizzy Hull Barnes,

What would a vision of an equitable mathematics system look like? We believe that in an equitable system, each student would have access to learning rigorous and challenging mathematics, and every student would experience mathematics classes as humanizing spaces where they can be their whole selves. Our current year, 2022–2023, is the ninth year that San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has had a detracked mathematics course policy and pathways. Research, national trends, and SFUSD data prior to this policy show that tracking does not provide equitable opportunities for all students. Join us as we reflect on our detracking journey, from highlighting successes, including the professional supports of our educators, to some of our current challenges.

Classroom Conversations: 7 Billion... And Growing! A Student Exploration in Mathematics

Presented by: Maggie McHugh,

Join us as we highlight how to engage students in exploring the world through a mathematical lens. Explore how both middle and high school students interacted with this task, making sense of the math and our society.

(Re)humanizing Assessment: What We’ve Learned by “Sitting Beside” Students to Make Sense of Their Thinking (Open to All)

Presented by: Nicole Rigelman, Mary Duden,

What does it look like, sound like, and feel like to rethink approaches to assessment to make the process more equitable and humanizing for students? We have taken up the idea of assessment as “sitting beside” (NCTM 2020) students to learn what they understand rather than just confirming that they understand. Join us to learn about an assets-focused tool that supports noticing and systematically using trends in student mathematical thinking to inform next instructional steps and engage in reciprocal communication with students and their families.

MTLT Journal Club Meeting

Presented by:

Join us for the MTLT Journal Club’s December 6th meeting, from 7:00–8:00 p.m. Eastern. Join From the Archives department editor, Lou Matthews to discusses the legacy article by Robert Q. Berry III, "The Equity Principle through the Voices of African American Male Students," from the September 2004 issue of Mathematics Teaching in Middle School (Vol. 10, Iss. 2). NCTM members and nonmembers are welcome. Registration is required.

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