Past Recordings

April MTLT Teacher Talk

Presented by:

On April 2, the MTLT Teacher Talk will be discussing the article “Supporting Teacher Learning: Our Voyage with Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics” from the legacy journal Teaching Children Mathematics.

Practicing Self Care: A How-To Guide for Teachers

Presented by: Joseph Bolz,

Teacher burnout is real! We all know the feeling, especially at this point in the year. With so many pressures on teachers—from state testing to teacher evaluations— teachers can struggle to take care of themselves. However, there are a few routines that teachers can have in place in their classrooms and everyday lives to ease this feeling of burnout and move beyond surviving to thriving. Join Joe Bolz as he walks through some practical solutions to combat teacher burnout and understand the “why” behind some of these strategies.

Creating Classrooms of “Data Doers” (Open to All)

Presented by: Hollylynne S. Lee, Anna Bargagliotti, Donna LaLonde,

In a data-driven world, we need to provide opportunities for students to build critical skills and processes with data and statistics. To celebrate Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month, we will illustrate several ideas for bringing rich data experiences into your math classrooms to get your students “doing data.” Get ready to be immersed with real-world data using easy-to-use web apps and learn about resources for teaching statistics and data science in K-12.

Hollylynne S. Lee, NC State University

Anna Bargagliotti, Loyola Marymount University

Donna LaLonde, American Statistical Association

Lifetime Achievement Award Interactive Meeting

Presented by:

Join us for an interactive webinar on the NCTM Lifetime Achievement Award. The award, selected by the Mathematics Education Trust (MET), honors NCTM members who have exhibited a lifetime of achievement in mathematics education at the national level. Discover details about the award, explore the nomination process, and feel free to inquire about any aspects of the award.

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