Trying Three-Act Tasks with Primary Students

  • Trying Three-Act Tasks with Primary Students

    Kendra Lomax, Kristin Alfonzo, Sarah Dietz, Ellen Kleyman, and Elham Kazemi
    An extended vignette demonstrates a new take on problem solving: how to provide multiple entry points for K–grade 2 learners, leverage their intuitive understandings of the world around them to make sense of and solve problems, and engage them in rich mathematical modeling.


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    Leatre Yan Cooper - 10/17/2017 1:01:16 AM

    According to the article student learn how to use math in everyday use.  I believe it is great.  Students can use what they know to find the answers.  The students are also able to learn new skills.  It is important that they learn from their mistakes. We all should. It helps us grow.

    I have enjoyed the group projects. I found it hard sometime to responde to the collabrations.  I ejoyed reading my classmates views.  I believe Professor Patterson put together a good lesson plan.  I will borrow the activites my classmates used for the class I plan to teach.