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    Standards for Mathematics Teacher Preparation

    Math teacher preparation program accreditation standards and review process are managed by NCTM for the Council of the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

    Mathematics standards, content, reviewer rubrics, and program report development training are available to institutions seeking mathematics program accreditation for their secondary, middle grades, and elementary mathematics specialists teacher preparation programs.

    The NCTM CAEP Standards serve as the basis for programs to determine which required assessments provide evidence of candidate mastery of the standards.

    2012 Standards 

    Beginning with the Spring 2015 review cycle, all colleges and universities submitting initial program reviews are required to base their submissions on the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012).

    Required mathematics content knowledge for all levels of mathematics teacher candidates is specified in a content addendum accompanying each set of standards. Reviewer rubrics by level include criteria for how program evidence will be judged.

    Initial Preparation Programs (first teaching license)  

    Secondary Math Teacher Preparation Program    

    Middle Grades Math Teacher Preparation Program

    Advanced Preparation Program    

    Elementary Math Specialist Advanced Preparation Program   

    Using Course Grades as an Assessment of Candidate Content Knowledge  

    The approval of the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012) provides the impetus for updating how the CAEP guidelines for documenting course grades as an assessment are applied by programs electing to use grades in mathematics courses as an assessment of candidate content knowledge.

    Course grades may be used with the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012) for only one assessment of candidate content knowledge. Rather than aligning courses with NCTM standard indicators as required when using the NCTM NCATE Standards (2003), required mathematics or mathematics education courses selected for inclusion must now be aligned to elements of the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012) and to the NCTM CAEP Mathematics Content for Secondary, Middle Grades, or Elementary Mathematics Specialist.

    A step-by-step guide for using and documenting course grades based on the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012) and NCTM CAEP Mathematics Content for Secondary, Middle Grades, or Elementary Mathematics Specialist has been developed. In addition, content alignment table templates for each preparation level are available for downloading. The appropriate downloaded form must be used for entering the required information.

    Graduate level programs (e.g., MAT or M.Ed.) that rely on undergraduate mathematics coursework taken by program candidates at another institution or in a different academic major must complete a transcript analysis to determine the sufficiency of courses taken and to specify coursework required to remediate mathematics content deficiencies of admitted candidates. The transcript analysis process must adhere to the guidelines and documentation requirements specified below.  


    Alignments presented below of the NCTM CAEP Standards (2012) with edTPA Mathematics Operational Handbook rubric criteria represent a collaborative effort among NCTM, edTPA, and CAEP.   

    2003 Standards  

    Use of the NCTM NCATE Standards (2003) and their associated indicators has been required of colleges and universities submitting program reviews since 2005. Program reports based on these standards and aligned to associated indicators may be submitted only for response to conditions and revised 2003 standards-based reports.    

    Initial (first teaching license) Preparation Programs  

    Guidelines for Using Grades as an Assessment      

    Course grades may be used as one assessment of candidates' content knowledge if they follow the guidelines and are aligned to indicators of the NCTM NCATE Standards (2003).