Student Explorations in Mathematics

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  • Demystifying Multiplication (Nov. 2013 - FREE PREVIEW)

    This activity begins with a brief formative assessment of student understanding of multiplication of two-digit numbers. It supports students’ understanding of multiplication and its application. Constructivist pedagogy is used to move learning from the concrete (using manipulatives) to the representational (using pictures and diagrams) to the abstract (using algorithms). Students build models of the operation 27 X 15 and its result in a variety of ways. The activity promotes student reasoning and sense making by analyzing various multiplication algorithms (area models, partial products, lattice multiplication, and the traditional method). 

    What's On Your Plate? (Nov. 2012 - FREE PREVIEW)

    In this issue, teachers and students explore various facets of health and nutrition while using mathematics in the investigations of data from government sources on nutrition. The mathematics and mathematical thinking that are explored include basic operations, reading and interpreting data from charts and tables, predicting outcomes based on data, and combinatorics.