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Learning from NAEP: Professional Development Materials for Teachers of Mathematics

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Stock # 13023
ISBN # 978-0-87353-590-8
Published 8/1/2006
Pages 143
Grades Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12,

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Product Description

By Catherine Brown, Lynn Clark

Edited by Catherine A. Brown and Lynn V. Clark

Designing high-quality professional development for mathematics educators requires close attention to many facets of teacher learning. Learning From NAEP is a valuable manual-plus-CD resource containing activities and workshops that facilitators can use as is or tailor to the unique needs of participants in their school’s or district’s professional development program. The materials, which draw on the experiences of educators and the expertise of researchers, help educators better understand the intricacies of national assessment data and how such data relate to student learning in mathematics classrooms. The CD-ROM provides the materials and tools necessary to facilitate the workshops, as well as resources to help expand or create a workshop.

Click below to read the additional material referenced in the book and CD:
Improving Classroom Tests as a Means of Improving Assessment – Thompson, Beckmann & Senk

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