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Support the Educators for America Act

It’s no secret that teachers are facing unprecedented challenges in classrooms nationwide at the very same time that teacher shortages adversely affect the teaching and learning of mathematics and every other subject. The Educators for America Act will support states and local communities in improving the educator pipeline so that all schools have the diverse educators they should have, to support student development and academic achievement. NCTM has endorsed the bill and is pursuing its enactment.

Where we are What we need is what the Educators for America act is calling for.
The single most significant impact on a student’s learning is the TEACHER!
The Educators for America Act is positioned to strengthen the education profession and in turn support our economic prosperity, the health of our democracy and civic society, and our ability to meet the challenges of climate change and the information age.

More than 270,000 teachers are projected to leave education.


Enrollment in teacher preparation programs is plummeting.

$500 million annually for grants to support states in developing and implementing a statewide strategy for meeting their educator workforce needs.
Our teaching force does not look like the students we are teaching with.

Over 50% of our students are people of color and our teachers are less than 18% people of color.  

Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority-serving institutions in expanding and strengthening their educator preparation programs.

The teacher pipeline is a national issue to ensure that all students have a quality education.

Those with the passion to teach are not constrained by the financial burdens of their choice to serve.

Doubling the TEACH grants to $8,000 per year and providing protections to prevent the conversion of grants to loans.  

Including the expenses of clinical experiences in the cost of attendance for awarding financial aid.

Providing educators and teachers in high-need fields, including mathematics, credit towards loan repayment as they serve rather than years to earn forgiveness.


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