• Assessing the Impact of Standards-Based Middle Grades Mathematics Curriculum Materials on Student Achievement

    Robert Reys, Barbara Reys, Richard Lapan, Gregory Holiday, Deanna Wasman
    This study compared the mathematics achievement of eighth graders in the first three school districts in Missouri to adopt NSF-funded Standards-based middle grades mathematics curriculum materials (MATH Thematics or Connected Mathematics Project) with students who had similar prior mathematics achievement and family income levels from other districts. Achievement was measured using the mathematics    portion of the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) administered to all 8th graders in the state annually beginning in the spring of 1997. Significant differences in achievement were identified between students using Standards-based curriculum    materials for at least 2 years and students from comparison districts using other curriculum materials. All of the significant differences reflected higher achievement of students using Standards-based materials. Students in each of the three districts    using Standards-based materials scored higher in two content areas (data analysis and algebra), and these differences were significant.