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Mission Mathematics II: Grades 9–12

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Stock # 12876
ISBN # 978-0-87353-573-1
Published 3/16/2005
Pages 209
Grades Grades 9-12,

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Product Description

By Peggy House, Roger Day, Mary Jo Aiken, Margaret Butler, Alice Foster, Adele Hanson, Richard Hanson, Minot Parker, Michael Hynes

Edited by Peggy A. House and Roger P. Day

Get your students into math using outer space! Mission Mathematics translates the NASA experience into language and experiences appropriate for young learners, and provides teachers with mathematics activities that complement many of the available NASA resources for students and educators.

These materials engage high school students in significant mathematics at an appropriate level; lay a conceptual foundation for understanding mathematical ideas; promote reasoning and problem solving; and show contemporary applications of mathematics using contemporary methodologies. Sample activities include scaling planetary distances; modeling space-debris accumulation, collision probability, and collision effects; investigating exponential growth; determining position in one, two, and three dimensions; and applying global positioning technology to real-life situations. Resource pages for students, selected solutions, and teacher commentary are included.

The Mission Mathematics II series
The Mission Mathematics II series is developed by NASA and NCTM in an unprecedented effort to link the science of aeronautics with the Standards that NCTM has developed for all aspects of mathematics education. Following the publication of the original Mission Mathematics series in 1997, this revision focuses on aligning the activities with NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (2000) in the context of aerospace activities.

The activities in each book focus on actively engaging students in NCTM's Process Standards, translating the work of engineers and scientists at NASA into language and experiences appropriate for young learners, and providing teachers with mathematics activities that complement many of the available NASA resources for students and educators.

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