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Full Individual Membership is designed to meet the needs of those most concerned about and closest to students: teachers, administrators, specialists, coaches, teacher-educators, and others. Individuals who care about the quality of mathematics education provided to students, who want to ensure they are engaging students and encouraging them to meet their fullest potential are the members of NCTM who take advantage of the following benefits of membership:

For $87 per year, Full Individual Members get a FREE print subscription to one of the following award-winning school journals, which includes full online access to that journal. For $75 per year, E-Members get a FREE digital edition to one of the following award-winning school journals. 

     TCM May 2014        MTMS May 2014        MT February 2014 


For $114 per year, Full Individual Members get a FREE print subscription to the following award-winning research journal, which includes full online access to that journal, or receive an online only membership for $102.  

     JRME 2013 

Full Individual Members may add print subscriptions, which include full online access, to school journals for $37 per year or to the research journal for $64 per year. Full Individual Members and E-Members may also add a digital edition to the school journals for $25 per year, $52 per year for the research journal, or $21 for the online-only Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE), an NCTM and AMTE journal.

Save time and effort! For large group memberships of 10 or more, please give NCTM Customer Care a call at (800) 235-7566 or (703) 620-9840, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

FREE Member Exclusive Online Resources

  • FREE access to the Members Only area of the NCTM Web site chock full of lessons, classroom-ready activities, sample problems, interactive applets and multimedia for your students, and more.
  • FREE access to NCTM's e-Standardsthe fully-searchable Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. 
  • FREE access to NCTM's E-Seminars ANYTIME, one-time, 60-minute sessions that provide a closer look at hot topics within math education.

Significant Discounts to Top-Notch Conferences

  • NCTM's Annual Meeting and Regional Conferences are designed to help educators meet the challenges of teaching mathematics in the twenty-first century. The NCTM Annual Meeting is the world's largest gathering of mathematics educators – an unparalleled professional development opportunity. Members save up to 25% off registration. 

NCTM Publications and Resources

  • FREE subscription to NCTM's monthly e-newsletters highlighting new Web resources, NCTM activities, and news in the mathematics community including Student Explorations in Mathematics, which offers ready-to-use mathematics activities for students in grades 5-10.
  • 20% members-only discount through the NCTM Catalog on a wide variety of books, software, and other resources that cover mathematics education.

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