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  • “Don’t Kids Need the Fundamentals?”

    Adam Sarli discusses student learning and the fundamentals of mathematics.

    The Aftermath
    Levi Patrick believes that, in general, students have not been taught just how important is the discipline of mathematics.
    Symptoms, Not Solutions: A Case for Inspecting the Flipped Classroom and OERs
    Levi Patrick discusses the flipped classroom.
    Should Slope-Intercept be King? A Case for Standard Form’s Ascension
    Levi Patrick discusses the current learning progression of the slope-intercept form and if it can be taught in a different way.
    I Would Like to Disagree, I Think
    Levi Patrick discusses refining and exploring one’s personal beliefs about mathematics.
    There’s Always Time for Estimating and Plenty of Resources

    This post describes the various sources that can be found for estimation activities.

    A Social Justice Take on Estimation: Involve All Students
    This post describes estimation—and its inherent entry points—as being a way for all students to find a seat at the mathematical table.
    8 Steps to Implementing an Effective Estimation Plan

    McAleer discussed how to implement, through a series of steps, an effective classroom estimation activity.

    Estimation Skills Sorely Lacking

    Jen McAleer discusses estimation skills that are sorely lacking.

    When Two Heads Are Better Than One
    Jamie Walker discusses some strategies for encouraging productive collaboration.
    Discovering the Truth
    Jamie Walker discusses the merits of problem-based lessons, explaining that good teachers not only facilitate and guide but also let students be the ones to discover mathematical truths.
    Making Your Case
    To ensure that students understand mathematics vocabulary, Jamie Walker suggests using it in context.
    The Value of a Good Argument
    By Jamie Walker, posted February 27, 2017 — What is it that we really want our students to gain from learning mathematics in our schools? By the time they graduate from high school, we
    Next Steps for Standards-Referenced Practices

    In her fourth and final post, author Megan Heine discusses her successes and what she wants to work toward in the future.

    Student Response to Standards-Referenced Practices

    In her third post, author Megan Heine discusses student comments to the self-monitoring assessment process. 

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