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Activities (for students)
Activities for Students: Unit Fractions and Their Basimal Representations: Exploring Patterns

Marlena Herman, Eric Milou, Jay Schiffman 

November 2004, Volume 98, Issue 4, Page 274

An activity about bases other than 10 focused on teaching rational numbers and patterns. The activity considers different representations of rational numbers and allows students to explore patterns in base ten, as well as in other bases. Students are encouraged to solve problems and investigate situations designed to foster flexible thinking about rational numbers. Activities are hands-on, open-ended activities that encourage problem solving, reasoning, communication, and mathematical connections. Activities is a regular feature of Mathematics Teacher and highlights activities that develop conceptual understanding of mathematics topics.

Conceptual Development
Grades 9-12
Fractions / Decimals / Percents / Rational Numbers
Reasoning and Proof
Number Patterns
Number Theory
Prime Numbers