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FROM THE 1980s: What Should Not Be in the Algebra and Geometry Curricula of Average College-Bound Students?

Zalman Usiskin 

December 2006, Volume 100, Issue 5, Page 68

In this September 1980 article the author argues that curriculum is overcrowded and some topics should be deleted or replaced by more modern ones. He proposes for deletion several topics from algebra and geometry based on pragmatic criteria of whether the topic has real life application clearly understood by student and whether it is used in later courses. The author suggests removing word problems from algebra and some proof from geometry asserting among other that “A computer program is much like a proof”.

more4u-MT-100x23  Podcast from the 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego
The Shape of Geometry and the Geometry of Shape
Presenter: Zalman Usiskin 

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