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Delving Deeper
Delving Deeper: Whole Number Multiplication: There's More to It Than Might Be Expected!

Christy Graybeal 

November 2007, Volume 101, Issue 4, Page 312

This issue focuses on whole number multiplication and problem solving by making some surprising and interesting generalizations while solving a seventh-grade arithmetic puzzle problem. The author poses the idea of arranging five digits  into a three digit number multiplied by a two digit number trying to form the largest possible product. Sample work and explanations are given. The aim of Delving Deeper is for teachers to pose and solve novel math problems, expand on mathematical connections, or offer new insights into familiar math concepts. Delving Deeper focuses on mathematics content appealing to secondary school teachers. It provides a forum that allows classroom teachers to share their mathematics from their work with students, their classroom investigations and products, and their other experiences. Delving Deeper is a regular department of Mathematics Teacher.

Grades 9-12
Estimation / Approximation / Number Sense
Reasoning and Proof
Multiplication and Division
Whole Numbers / Natural Numbers / Counting Numbers