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Quick Reads
Quick Reads: Promising Partnerships: Learning 24-7: Changing Attitudes about Mathematics

Elaine Shannon-Smith, Gay Fawcett 

September 2008, Volume 14, Issue 2, Page 108


How one community in Ohio is working to show students and parents that mathematics is not only necessary in their everyday lives but also fun. The goal is to embed middle school mathematics into family outings that people do in their own community. After examining a community's partnerships and projects, there may be a variety of opportunities to support and enhance mathematics understanding and community cohesiveness. Several suggested activities are included.

Quick Reads focuses on providing the reader with activities or ideas for the middle school classroom that are quick and applicable.  Quick Reads is a regular department of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School.  Its aim is to publish single ideas that are too good not to be published, but are not long enough for a full article. Topics range from research, collaboration and ‘what works’ in the classroom.

Conceptual Development
Grades 6-8