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Research, Reflection, Practice/Research into Practice
research, reflection, practice: Children Generate Their Own Representations


March 2009, Volume 15, Issue 7, Page 438


Research, Reflection, and Practice aims to bridge the gap between research and practice by describing current research and then demonstrating its importance and applicability to practicing classroom teachers. Summaries of research with references to full reports, relevant student work or examples of student dialog, and ideas for action research. This month the authors present results from a study to describe the ways in which elementary school students represent data when encouraged to create their own, and issues that the students deal with during this process. Additionally, the authors share ideas on how teachers can extend student thinking about representing data by using student generated representations in a way that illuminates important features of the data. 

Linking Research and Practice
Curriculum Developer
Grades 3-5
Higher Education
Professional Development / Teacher Education