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Welcome to the Curriculum Focal Points

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Curriculum Focal Points are the most important mathematical topics for each grade level. They comprise related ideas, concepts, skills, and procedures that form the foundation for understanding and using mathematics and lasting learning. Curriculum Focal Points have been integral in the revision of many state math standards for Pre-K through grade 8.


What Are Curriculum Focal Points? 

Questions and Answers
NCTM answers questions about Curriculum Focal Points. Browse questions and answers already posted, or submit your own. Questions and responses will be posted in a timely manner depending on the number of questions received.

Additional Resources from NCTM's Navigation Books
Curriculum planners and teachers need a wide variety of resources to develop and implement programs of instruction. NCTM has selected specific resources from the Navigations books applicable to each grade level's curriculum focal points.  more>> 

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Now available for purchase in three formats:
  • Printed Paperback Book
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Build a focused curriculum with the Curriculum Focal Points series.

Learn about instructional progression, how to introduce concepts, and how to build a deeper understanding of mathematical topics. Learn about the major learning progressions that occur in grades pre-K–2, 3–5, and 6–8 with grade band books, and then bring focus into the classroom with each grade-specific book that presents the mathematics in each Focal Point in more detail.

Focus in Pre-K-Grade 2 
Focus in Pre-K—Grade 2 
 Focus in Grades 3-5 
 Focus in Grades 6-8 

 Focus in PreK  

 Focus in Grade 3  

 Focus in Grade 6  

 Focus in Kindergarten  

 Focus in Grade 4  

 Focus in Grade 7  

Focus in Grade 1 

Focus in Grade 5 

Focus in Grade 8 

 Focus in Grade 2  



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