Productive Struggle Elementary E-Package

Teach students to persevere through challenging problems to reach successful outcomes.

Productive Struggle Elementary E-Package

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Complimentary membership access to professional development webinars 

Books and Resources to Support Your Content Focus 

Classroom Resources

Access to a Teacher's Toolbox of classroom resources including the Problems of the Week download library.         

Problems to Ponder Monthly , classroom-ready problems that you can digitally assign to your PK–12 students.

Illuminations  700+ searchable lessons for your teachers to choose from

Activities with Rigor and Coherence  a series of lessons that addresses a mathematical topic and demonstrates the vision of Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All.  

Choice of one of our K-12 legacy journals , and free "Best of Journals" publications

Access to Standards publications, including Principles and Standards for School Mathematics


Access to Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12, NCTM’s monthly journal aimed at preschool to 12th grade with peer-reviewed and invited articles. 

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Complimentary access to individual membership resources as  well as a 20% discount on additional  NCTM publications , in-person and virtual events