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    Published 04/09/2014

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    The widespread adoption of college- and career-readiness standards, including the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, presents a historic opportunity to improve mathematics education.

    What will it take to turn this opportunity into reality in every classroom, school, and district?

    NCTM continues its tradition of mathematics education leadership by defining and describing the principles and actions that are essential to strengthen mathematics learning and teaching for all students.

    Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All offers guidance to teachers, specialists, coaches, administrators, policymakers, and parents: 

    • Builds on the Principles articulated in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics to present six updated Guiding Principles for School Mathematics
    • Supports the first Guiding Principle, Teaching and Learning, with eight essential, research-based Mathematics Teaching Practices
    • Details the five remaining Principles—the Essential Elements that support Teaching and Learning as embodied in the Mathematics Teaching Practices
    • Identifies obstacles and unproductive and productive beliefs that all stakeholders must recognize, as well as the teacher and student actions that characterize effective teaching and learning aligned with the Mathematics Teaching Practices
     With Principles to Actions, NCTM takes the next step in shaping the development of high-quality standards throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide.


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