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With more than 300 publications written by educators for educators, NCTM is the resource for all of your mathematics education needs. Browse our extensive selection of publications, including books for classroom activities, professional development, and research

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2014 Fall NCTM Publications Catalog 

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Beyond the Common Core: A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, High School

This book helps mathematics teachers working in professional learning communities (PLCs) focus their curriculum on essential elements of instruction and assessment for student achievement. Practical guidelines and ten high-leverage team actions take high school teachers and administrators beyond state or local standards to create the necessary conditions to ensure mathematics success for all students.

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Beyond the Common Core: A Handbook for Mathematics in a PLC at Work™, Grades K-5

This book provides guidance, support, and process tools to help teams of teachers focus their curriculum to increase achievement. It offers ten high-leverage team actions to strengthen elementary mathematics instruction and assessment. The authors highlight actions before instruction, actions and assessments during instruction, and ways to reflect on assessment results to prepare for further instruction.

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Developing Essential Understanding of Geometry and Measurement for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 3–5

This book gives teachers of students in grades 3–5 the deep understanding of geometry and measurement that they need to identify and dispel students’ common misconceptions, correct erroneous claims that they make, and move them forward mathematically. It prepares teachers to introduce terms from geometry and measurement in ways that not only bolster students’ vocabulary but also enhance their understanding of concepts and definitions. By helping teachers understand what changes or stays the same when shapes are transformed, the book equips teachers to support and extend students’ understanding of shapes and the space that they occupy.

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How to Study Math: 80 Ways to Make the Grade

This book’s ideas and strategies can guide the middle school student from insecure bystander to confident achiever in math class. For students already working at high-achieving levels, the tips and techniques will help them develop even more efficient and effective study habits and test-taking skills.

List Price: $9.95
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Exploring Mathematics through Play In the Early Childhood Classroom

This practical book guides preservice and in-service teachers in understanding how young children can learn math through play. The author addresses Common Core State Standards to demonstrate the role of play in standards-based mathematics learning, and the book provides classroom examples of problems and strategies that students encounter in play.

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Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All

What it will take to turn the opportunity of the Common Core into reality in every classroom, school, and district.

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5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions

NCTM'S Best Selling Book!

Learn the 5 practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions:

Anticipating what students will do--what strategies they will use--in solving a problem
Monitoring their work as they approach the problem in class
Selecting students whose strategies are worth discussing in class
Sequencing those students' presentations to maximize their potential to increase students' learning
Connecting the strategies and ideas in a way that helps students understand the mathematics learned

Includes a Professional Development Guide.

Copublished with Corwin Press

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(eBook) Principles to Actions (PDF Downloads)

(eBook) Principles to Actions (PDF Downloads)

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5 Practices for Orchestrating Task-Based Discussions in Science

Robust and effective classroom discussions are essential for providing students with opportunities to simultaneously engage in science practices while learning key science content. Using numerous examples and science learning tasks, the authors show how teachers can plan the lesson to encourage students to not only learn science content but employ disciplinary practices as well.

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High-Yield Routines for Grades K-8

Boost student participation and proficiency with high-yield, effective mathematical routines.

List Price: $24.95
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