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Teaching Children Mathematics - a journal for Pre-K - grade 5 teachers and teacher educators 

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School - a journal for grades 6 - 8 teachers and teacher educators 

Mathematics Teacher - a journal for grades 9 - 12 teachers and teacher educators  

Journal for Resarch in Mathematics Education - a journal for teachers of mathematics and mathematics education at all levels 

 Mathematics Teacher Educator - an online journal for paractitioners in mathematics teacher education

Student Explorations in Mathematics - a resource for grades 5-10 students, teachers, and teacher educators

Highlighted Publication

Cover image for The Elementary Mathematics Specialist's Handbook 
The ElementaryMathematics Specialist’s Handbook

This handbook has been developed as a resource for the mathematics specialist whose central role is to facilitate and support the job-embedded professional development of elementary school classroom teachers. This role includes coaching individual teachers, coaching small groups or grade level teams of teachers, providing programmatic leadership for mathematics in the school, collaborating with and supporting other resource teachers, and serving as the face of the school’s mathematics program. This handbook explores how mathematics specialists can be effective in all these areas.  

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