At Least a Mile

  • At Least a Mile

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    baseball stadium

    How many runs do the Phillies have to score before the scoring base runners have covered at least a mile?


    Extra: If the players all wore pedometers and measured their actual distance traveled, do you think that they could get to 1 mile with fewer players? Or might they need more players than you calculated? What factors might change their actual distance traveled?

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    The Phillies must score 15 runs.

    If your answer doesn't match ours,

    • did you use the photo of the baseball diamond to think about how runs are scored?
    • did you find out the distance between the bases on a professional baseball field?
    • do you know how many feet are in a mile?   

    If your answer does match ours,

    • did you try the Extra?
    • have you clearly shown and explained the work you did?
    • did you explain your work as well as you could?
    • did you make any mistakes along the way? If so, how did you find and fix them?
    • what hints would you give another student?