Gum for Everyone

  • Gum for Everyone

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    You have 10 pieces of gum. You want to share them equally among you and your two friends.

    1. How many pieces of gum will each person get?

    2. How many pieces will each of you get if you have 11 pieces of gum? Will there be any left over?

    3. How many more pieces of gum would you need so that each person gets the same number of pieces with none left over?

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    If you have 10 pieces of gum, each person gets 3 pieces. There would be 1 piece leftover.

    If your answer does not match ours, did you

    • act it out?
    • use manipulatives?
    • talk in your group?
    If your answer does match ours, did you

    • answer the other two questions?
    • describe what you talked about?
    • help anyone in your group?