Pattern Block Fractions

  • Pattern Block Fractions

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    In these pattern blocks, the hexagon represents one whole. The other shapes represent fractions of the hexagon as shown.

    Yolanda is trying to make one whole by adding some of the fractions together, placing them on top of the hexagon. So far, she has added 1/2 + 1/6 by using a trapezoid and a triangle:

    1. What shape does Yolanda need to complete the one whole? How do you know?

    2. Write a number sentence that describes the fractions Yolanda added to make one whole.


    Extra: Can you find another way to use fraction pattern blocks and combine them to make one whole? You can use more than one of a fraction shape if you would like to. Write the number sentence that describes the fractions you added.

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    Yolanda needs to add a rhombus or two triangles to finish her one whole.

    Be sure to include the number sentence!