Carole E. Greenes

  • 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    Carole E. Greenes

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Throughout her distinguished career, Dr. Carole Greenes has dedicated herself to excellence in mathematics education. Known for her generous, creative, and encouraging approach, she has made a long-lasting impact on the field.

    “Teachers and leaders throughout Arizona's K-12 system benefit from Carole's leadership in designing unique professional development experiences and curriculum resources,” wrote one of her several nominators. “Because of her impact on educators at all levels, Arizona students are the immediate and direct beneficiaries of her work.”

    From her time as Professor of Mathematics Education and Associate Dean at Boston University and Dean of the School of Educational Innovation at Arizona State University to her current role as Professor and Director of the PRIME Center, Greenes has successfully served in more than forty-five leadership roles. She has mentored and shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with students and educators at all levels, prekindergarten through university.  Her passion for mathematics education has been showcased through several unique and effective professional development tools and curriculum resources. Because of this dedication, the PRIME Center won the Award for Outstanding Afterschool Programs in Arizona under her leadership.

    Greenes has been widely recognized for her excellence in mathematics education throughout her career. She was inducted into the Massachusetts Mathematics Educators Hall of Fame and received the Ross Taylor/Glenn Gilbert National Leadership Award in Mathematics Education, the Arizona Copper Apple Award in Leadership in Mathematics, and the Alfred D. Wilde Award.

    Greenes has not only made an undeniable contribution through her teachings and methods but has also served as the principal or co-investigator for more than twenty grants providing several millions of dollars to support STEM programs and initiatives for students and teachers.
    One of her former students described the impact Greenes made during her pursuit of higher education:

     “I cannot imagine a better advisor. It would not have been possible to finish my doctorate without her trust, help, and encouragement. Carole's commitment to mathematics education continues to motivate me and provides an inspirational model that I try to follow.”

    Greenes will continue to inspire students and colleagues through her role at the PRIME Center at Arizona State University, and her legacy will live on for generations to follow. She is the author of more than 300 books and programs, two monthly MATHgazines, seventy-four articles, eight project videos, and seven math musicals.  She has given more than 283 lectures and presentations.