Eugene P. Smith

  • 1994 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    Eugene P. Smith

    Dearborn, Michigan

    On December 11, 2000, Eugene Smith retired with a salute from the Michigan House of Representatives for his 60 years of teaching and leadership in some of the finest schools and universities in the country.

    Clearly, Smith exhibits a lifetime of achievement in leadership, teaching, and service in mathematics education. He began his teaching career in 1941 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics education. During World War II, he taught mathematics at an Officer Candidate Prep School. After the war, he returned to teaching while earning his master's and doctoral degrees in mathematics education. In 1961, he joined the faculty of Wayne State University, where he developed the M.A. and Ph.D. programs in mathematics education and served as the department chair for 28 years. Later, he held a visiting professor position at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.

    During his tenure as a teacher and professor, he held numerous leadership positions, including president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 1972. In addition to the MET Lifetime Achievement Award, he was honored with the Ohio State University Centennial Medallion for outstanding contributions to education and the Mu Alpha Theta Award for Wise Counsel and Leadership in Mathematics Education.

    Eugene P. Smith died on September 14, 2014.