James T. Fey

  • 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    James T. Fey

    College Park, Maryland 

    James T. Fey is best known in the United States and abroad as a leader in curriculum development, mathematics education reform, and teacher preparation.

    When computers first became available for classroom use, Fey became a pioneer, writing books like Computing and Mathematics: The Impact on School Curricula and Computer Intensive Algebra.

    He provided leadership to several NSF-funded programs, including the Connected Mathematics Project, the Core-Plus Mathematics Project, and the Mid-Atlantic Center for Learning and Teaching.

    James Fey also served NCTM as a member and chair of the Mathematics Teacher editorial panel (1974-76) and of the Instructional Issues Advisory Committee (1982-86). He edited NCTM publications, including the 1992 Yearbook Calculators in Mathematics Education, and he was a speaker at many NCTM conferences.

    Fey was one of the first members of the National Research Council's Mathematical Sciences Education Board. He was on the Adolescent and Young Adult Mathematics Committee for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. At the time of this writing, he is a professor of mathematics education at the University of Maryland.