John A. Dossey

  • 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    John A. Dossey

    Tucson, Arizona

    John Dossey was president of NCTM from 1986 to 1988. His other leadership activities include chair of the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences (CBMS), chair of the CBMS Education Planning Group funded by the Exxon Education Foundation, chair of the National Research Council's U.S. National Commision on Mathematics Education, and member of the board of governors of the Mathematical Association of America.

    Dossey had a major role in developing the 1989 NCTM Standards. He is the author of numerous articles and of several secondary school and college mathematics textbooks. He has also refereed countless articles for NCTM.

    Dossey has also been involved in mathematics education activities in Scotland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, Egypt, India, and Germany.

    At the time of this writing, John Dossey is a professor of mathematics at Illinois State University.