Peggy A. House

  • 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

    Peggy A. House

    Marquette, Michigan 

    Peggy House is nationally recognized for her dedication to improving mathematics education. She has mentored preservice teachers, edited and authored numerous books, articles, and reports, and has made more than 230 mathematics presentations domestically and abroad.

    Peggy House has served NCTM as a member of the Board of Directors (1995-98), as an editor and contributor to a multitude of educational publications, as an active committee member, and as a planner for annual and regional conferences. Among her most notable contributions to the Council are her ongoing efforts as general editor for NCTM's best-selling Navigations series. The collection-which will include 35 books and CDs-is the largest and most ambitious series in the Council's history. House's commitment to the Navigations series will span more than eight years when the project is complete.

    In addition to her service to NCTM, House was vice-president for Mathematics Education for the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (1982-84). She was director of the Glenn T. Seaborg Center for Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics at Northern Michigan University from 1993 to 2003, and she worked with NASA to develop the recently released series, Mission Mathematics II: Linking Aerospace and the NCTM Standards. At the time of this writing, she is a professor of mathematics at Northern Michigan University.