Dale Seymour Biography

  • Dale Seymour Biography

    The insight and vision that Dale Seymour has provided to mathematics and education have made him a leader in mathematics. His gift to the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) provides scholarships to grades Pre-K-12 teachers to improve their own professional competence as classroom teachers of mathematics.

    Over the years, Seymour has been a classroom teacher, a creative speaker, a presenter, and a writer. He began his career as a teacher of middle and high school students. He was actively involved in the California State Mathematics Framework Addendum Committee, California State Model Curriculum Standards Committee, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Advisory Board for Mathematics Curriculum Standards. After 14 years of teaching throughout the country, he founded Creative Publications. In 1993, Seymour was awarded the Glen Gilbert National Leadership Award from the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. The award recognized his leadership and significant contributions in the field of mathematics.

    Throughout his career, Seymour has made more than 800 presentations at teacher conferences. He has authored or coauthored over 100 mathematics education publications and designed over 100 educational products. In 1989 he founded Dale Seymour Publications and served as president until 1991. Although currently retired, Seymour continues to show genuine concern for his fellow mathematics educators across the country.