Lee V. Stiff Biography

  • Lee V. Stiff Biography

    Dr. Lee V. Stiff has been passionate and enthusiastic about math education and sharing his knowledge throughout his extensive career. Stiff is currently a professor of mathematics education and associate dean of faculty at North Carolina State University.

    Dr. Stiff previously served as NCTM President, as well as representing the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics as President and Vice President. As a member and participant of various committees and associations, Stiff has been a clear leader and has been able to share his expertise with students and educators all over.

    Stiff has received several honors, including both the Wallace Carl Riddick Society Award and the Distinguished Alumni Award from his alma mater, North Carolina State University. In 2015, he was the recipient of the Benjamin Banneker Lifetime Achievement Award. “Dr. Stiff's commitment to students, teachers, and effective mathematics instruction, is apparent in all that he does,” says one nominator.

    Dr. Stiff has been awarded several grants, acting as both project director and co-principle investigator. His work within these projects has positively impacted the quality of science and mathematics education for current and prospective teachers. Stiff is a major advocate of including more technology in the learning and use of mathematics.

    Stiff's work is foundational in providing and encouraging learning to students of color. Equity has played a major role in Dr. Stiff's work and research, often speaking to this subject. His work also includes dozens of published books and articles that have opened up learning and education to all. A nominator says, “his lifelong work has created opportunities and eliminated barriers for all students to engage in mathematics”. His contributions to learning and equality led to him being presented with TODOS' Iris M. Carl Leadership and Equity Award in 2017.

    It is clear that Dr. Stiff is an ardent supporter of mathematics and spreading education for all. His teaching has influenced all levels of educators and will continue to do so, motivating learning and equity in the classroom.

    Dr. Lee V. Stiff died on March 19, 2021.