Hispanic Heritage Month



      Hispanic Heritage 2022 

    NCTM Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month!
    September 15 to October 15

    You may have noticed that we have taken down our Hispanic Heritage Month resources. As an organization when we learn better, we must do better. We recently learned our selection of resources did not align with our intent to showcase the brilliance and joy of people of Hispanic heritage. Our choice to primarily include resources focused on multilingual learners and/or language learning perpetuate deficit, monolithic, or erroneous perspectives. In addition, we neglected to elevate Latino/a/x and Hispanic authors. We think it important to state clearly the following:

    • Not all Latino/a/x and Hispanic students are English learners nor multilingual. 
    • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month requires elevating the perspectives and experiences of Latino/a/x and Hispanic authors, teachers, students, and community leaders and organizations.

    We encourage our members to join and/or visit TODOS: Mathematics for All for high-quality mathematics education resources related to Latinos/as/x in mathematics. TODOS is an NCTM Affiliate whose mission is to advocate for equity and high quality mathematics education for all students—in particular, Latina/o students. 

    There is much for us to learn as an organization as we need to listen, reflect, and learn how to ensure all members in the mathematics education community are represented or discussed in the rich ways deserved.


    Find additional NCTM social justice and equity resources here.