Probability with Collaborative Data Visualization Software

  • Probability with Collaborative Data Visualization Software

    Melinda B. N. Willis, Sue Hay, Fred G. Martin, Michelle Scribner-MacLean, and Ivan Rudnicki
    The data collection and analysis tool iSENSE helps algebra students collect, share, and explore their own experimental data while learning about the law of large numbers.
    As mathematics teachers, we continually look for ways to make the learning of mathematics more active and engaging. Hands-on activities, in particular, have been demonstrated to improve student engagement and understanding in mathematics classes (Cruse 2013). Likewise, many scholars have emphasized the growing importance of giving students experience with the Internet and related technologies at school, which give us new ways to communicate and construct knowledge—for example, using search, collaboration tools, and discussion forums (Leu et al. 2004).
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